The Potato Park is open to visitors year round. Below are options for prepackaged tours. Custom visits and exchanges are also possible.  

Day Visits

Spend the day visiting the major sites of the Potato Park, enjoy local cuisine prepared by the gastronomy collective, and learn about current projects from local technicians.

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The Potato Park's mountain trails are home to hidden lagoons, ancient archeological sites, and wondrous wild life. Follow the lead of a local Quechua guide to discover the Inka heritage that lies off the beaten path.  

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Home Stays

Stay with a Quechua family in one of the 5 communities of the Potato Park. Experience Andean hospitality, taste local delicacies, and become part of our community.

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Institutional Visits

The Potato Park hosts international exchanges and scientific expeditions through out the year. The Potato Park also hosts scholars and scientists interested in Biocultural Heritage, agriculture and conservation for extended study.

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